Dr. Milian Andersen

Hi, I'm Dr. Milian Andersen. I graduated in Medicine and nutritional science at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. I'am also founder of "Time to get equal", a Community For Physical And Mental Disability. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant and a Senior Nurse Practitioner in a small independent practice in the UK. I have had to work with a number of clients with disabilities. These include individuals with cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy patients, cerebral palsy-related illnesses, Down syndrome patients, people with paralysis, and also people who have severe cognitive difficulties and developmental disorders. These include people who have problems with planning, with planning their days, with planning how to interact with their environment and how to move through their environment. People who have Down syndrome are often not able to communicate effectively, and people with cerebral palsy may not be able to manage their day to day lives as well as their peers. These people are often in situations where they are often confused, overwhelmed and unable to do basic things such as getting around. I have also worked with people with Down syndrome children, who are often extremely distressed about how the world works and how they feel about life. In this role I have to help them develop social skills in order to cope with their situation. My main interest in working with clients with disabilities is in helping them to develop social skills. I work with clients in various settings including: private clinics, hospitals, residential settings, schools and day programs. My primary goal is to develop and empower clients to cope and thrive in a social environment and to develop their social skills in such a way that they will feel able to interact and participate fully in the activities of life. As a result, I want to create an environment in which people with disabilities have the opportunity to develop social skills. This is done by providing them with the tools and skills they need to feel free to use and make themselves heard in the world and in their communities. With the help of the clients, I provide them with all the tools they need to have an enriching and successful social life. My work is centered on: Creating and using social skills training in the following areas: self-expression, communication, communication styles, and social skills Improving and enhancing the ability of clients to have the ability to: respond to people; communicate in a variety of ways; empathize with others; and maintain the skills to be successful Using social skills to be involved in the lives of the people in their communities, including being involved with their schools, colleges, and universities to help provide educational and professional opportunities to those who are not successful in their social and career pursuits Teaching individuals the skills of personal integrity and emotional intelligence as well as their social and professional skills. These skills can improve clients' abilities to: be self-confident; communicate with confidence; work cooperatively; have a positive emotional relationship with others; make wise decisions; and be empathetic to the feelings of others. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of "learning to code" – especially when it's accompanied by a certain amount of fear, but the goal of this program is to get you out of that mindset of insecurity, and into the mindset of confidence and empowerment. The program is focused around the following seven goals.