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Get Equal is one of the largest community-based organization for serving people with disability. We work with people all over the globe and discuss high priority topics to solve some of the most critical problems faced in the community. We also conduct various workshops, meetings, and conferences to help people become aware of our community and to spread love and kindness to people around us.

Our main goal is to help people with physical disabilities to feel loved and cared. We provide various services which support people with disabilities and their families. We also have some of the strongest advocates who are there to protect the rights and needs of our community members.

Get Equal has a rich history. Get Equal was born about 15 years ago when a couple of families decided to come together to provide services for people with physical disabilities. During the initial stages, we had a very small group, and we were concerned and passionate about developing our group and helping more people who were in need of help. We continued to grow and have become a strong community that helps anyone who is in need.

Our team works passionately to uphold our vision to help everyone out there with a physical disability. We also provide various treatments and counseling to the members of our community.

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