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Get Equal is a brilliant place for people who are facing difficulties to have a great time. My niece is a part of their community, and we could see so many improvements in her. 

Matthew Fox

Get Equal is one of the best places to go if you happen to have a friend or family member who is challenged.

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10 Signs And Symptoms That You’re In Ketosis

So I hope that you will do that, and get to know your body better.

This article will help you understand 10 key aspects in understanding your body. As a physician, i can recommend you a very good medical doctor for medical training. As an individual, I have studied a lot of different medical topics and I can provide you with the proper understanding about it.

1) Liver – You’ve had some time to think, so lets begin with the liver. There are many factors that influence the liver, but here’s one important thing. Liver has many functions that can lead to the liver being overworked. The liver is able to do lots of things, and we need to take care of the liver properly to prevent it from overworking.

2) Kidneys – This part is pretty obvious.

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If you’re looking for more information about ketosis or if you need some help in improving your health and performance you should check out my YouTube Channel where I’m doing a series of videos that cover a variety of topics about how and why you’re in ketosis. If you are looking for some inspiration and inspiration to try out a new way of eating it’s the easiest way. I created a channel on YouTube called the Ketogenic Dieting Channel and I want to share what I’ve learned with you and I’ve even done some research about what makes it so effective. When you’re in ketosis, your body is actually burning fat. This is why people who are already overweight and obese often go on a low-carb diet.

What beginners has to understand

If you’re in ketosis, you’re in a state of maximum ketosis. You can have some energy, you can even get a lot of glucose into your body (gluconeogenesis) but in order for the liver to use that, the glucose needs to be in the blood. That’s why the first thing you need to do when you get in ketosis is to take glucose. The reason is, the liver can’t use the extra glucose it is receiving unless it is already there. So first things first, stop taking any medications you are taking. Secondly, eat food to fuel the body. As a general rule, if you’re in a low-carb diet, you need to eat a lot of protein. This is because you are using the excess protein as energy and not getting it from other sources. I prefer eggs, meat and chicken over anything else. This is because the chicken uses the extra protein in the body more effectively.

Keep the following 8 upsides in your mind

It’s easy to lose weight and even lose fat easily. I am not saying that you can lose fat without a good diet, but you can eat a good diet without the need for exercise. This is a great reason for people to do a diet or diet-and-exercise plan to shed fat and lose weight. You will feel like you’ve lost weight on a weekly basis. A very effective method for losing fat and shedding fat is to use the ketogenic diet. You will feel amazing and feel more energetic. I promise that you will start feeling better and better. You will also feel stronger and stronger and this will lead to a decrease in your insulin levels and you will feel even more energetic.

It’s not that the ketogenic diet is a magic pill, but it has been proven to work in the treatment of obesity. The ketogenic diet does not cause weight gain or weight loss.

You have to do the following right away

1. You Have to Consume More Calories than You Think

Every day is a good day to consume more than you think. If you take care of this, you have the chance to have a healthy body. But if you don’t eat anything at all you will only have to consume 10 times more calories in order to reach a healthy body.

There are many things that you can do to increase your calorie intake. For example, you can eat vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, fish, meat products, milk products, cheese, butter, milk products, oil, yogurt, cream, meat alternatives, nuts, seeds, and other foods with higher fat content. If you are a person who consumes a lot of dairy products, you can drink more milk.

You can also consume foods with high protein and/or fiber content.

For example, a protein bar can be a good idea. You could mix one protein bar with one scoop of whey protein and other protein products to get more protein in your daily diet. You could also eat other foods which contain high fiber, like nuts, beans, and tofu.

To increase your fat intake, you can eat more fats (e.g. olive oil and butter), more fatty foods (e.g. fatty fish, fatty beef, fatty pork and butter, and fatty dairy products), and more vegetables (e.g. kale, broccoli, green beans, and tomatoes).

How to avoid normal health problems


When it comes to health, we’re all paranoid. We can bear up with anything but not with falling ill. Especially when it comes to silly illnesses, which hinder our schedules and day to day lives. These common illnesses are often caused due to our negligence towards our health. So what are the few things that you can implement in your everyday life to keep this illness at bay?

First and foremost, exercise! Set apart an hour or 45 minutes from your daily schedule and dedicate it entirely to exercising. Most of the illnesses are caused due to sedentary lives that are spent away idling in front of laptops, smartphones or television sets. If you can spare that one hour for yourself, it will make a great deal of difference for you. And with you all charged up towards being fit, you’ll also be setting an example for the rest of your family and friends too, and very soon you will find yourself working towards your fitness goals with a set of fitness buddies!


Watching what goes in will help you enjoy what goes in for a longer time. Keeping an eye on what you eat now, will allow you to enjoy all kind of food for the rest of your life. So, eat moderate and timely meals. Indulging in too much junk, oily or heavy food is perfectly alright – but only once in a while. Keep your daily intake full of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meat and make sure every vitamin and mineral your body requires goes in some or the other way. This way, you strike the right balance and avoid depriving your body of what it needs. This strengthens your immune system, making the army of your body strong enough to tackle any foreign bacteria entering it.

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Avoid indulgence in any kind of toxic habits – these range from getting intoxicated with alcohol to keeping up late at night. Try to indulge in good, healthy habits that will add to your good health. Have early meals, set screen time, sleep early and wake up early. If you give your life a fresh new outlook, life will reward you too. Incorporate the good stuff, get rid of toxins( both mental and physical) and try to live a happy life that’s stress-free.

Implementing these little changes in your life may seem tough at once, but when you get used to them and see the benefits it has in your life, you’ll never turn back to your old habits!

Keto Diet Plan For Good Fitness Result

keto diet

We’re all pretty experimental when it comes to weight loss right? Especially, when the destination is to be reached, the route doesn’t really matter! So we try ways and means and do whatever it takes to knock off those extra kilos to look fit and fab. So if you’re fed up with trying out everything that’s out there, here’s some hope for you – the newest, trending diet of 2018 – the Keto Diet! Curious to know more? Read on!

The Ketogenic diet, or simply put forth as the keto diet, is currently in vogue because of its moderate nature – you neither have to starve neither deprive yourself of too many foods in this diet plan. All you got to do is go low on the carb and stock up on healthy fats! Proteins have made their way in here too, albeit to a lesser extent than that of carbs and fats. By consuming lesser calories, you are basically depleting your body’s glucose reserves, forcing it to look out for another source to fuel itself and keep going. This forces your body to rely on the fats – stored fats, existing fats.


The trick here is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to 10% of your total food intake, making your body burn up the fats, which in turn will help you lose weight. This means you put your body in a state of ketosis, meaning it will burn up all the fats, instead of the sugars. And it’s a known fact that carbs contribute to sugars in your body. So basically, the Keto diet won’t function as it has to if you don’t put a brake on those carbs you take in.

And yes, sugar in any form – be it actual sugar granules, jaggery, honey or other substitutes are prohibited entirely. So, here it goes – the major twist in the diet! SO if not sugars, what can you actually consume? Let’s run you through: without any hesitation or guilt, you can freely consume cucumbers, cauliflower, dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale and a host of other vegetables. You are also allowed to have your share of nuts and seeds, oils. Make sure you go in for the most organic food because after all, the quality of food is what matters the most.

So there you go – are you ready to gear up to the keto mode?